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Session Spotlight | Tega Faafa

Tega Faafa, is a creative director, public speaker, and host of the Naked and Unashamed podcast. I had the honor of taking creative portraits for upcoming projects she's releasing... including her podcast annoucement for launching season two of Naked and Unashamed.

Tega and I met through Gwinnett Church a few years back and started a conversation about entrepreneurship before a Sunday event. There's nothing like connecting with fellow creatives who are in the same season of life, trying to navigate launching projects and running a business.

Soon after, we grabbed coffee... and then scheduled a super fun creative shoot for her podcast! I loved every second. She and her boyfriend, London, were dream clients — chill, chatty, and collaborative.

I'm sharing a handful of my favorite photos from our time together because you have to see them!

Be sure to check out Tega's podcast too! Naked + Unashamed: "the podcast where we take off the masks, take off the filters, shed our shells, and wear our most vulnerable self, void of guilt and shame. This is a space where we hear the stories and experiences of others and get extremely vulnerable, taking a step forward towards that Genesis 2:25 life." (

Are you ready to kick-off your next project? Let's schedule a photoshoot for your launch! Shoot me a message at ⚡️

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