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How to Create This "Out of This World" Look

I was scrolling through social media a few months ago and saw another photographer execute this concept. A wave of inspiration and curiosity came over me and I knew I had to try it too!

My friend, Lydia, came over for dinner recently and we decided to put it to the test. Check out what we created:

Want to try it for yourself? Here's what we did!

  1. I went on Amazon and purchased this Fiber Optic Lamp.

  2. On a tripod, I set up my Canon R6 with a 35mm lens.

  3. I turned the lights off in my space and set my camera to manual focus.

  4. I used my phone flashlight to shine light on Lydia while I corrected my focus.

  5. She remained still while I dragged the light over her face.

  6. My camera settings: ISO 100, f/5.6, with a 5 second shutter speed!

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