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When Yes is More than a Word

Over the years, I have photographed many beautiful buildings, gorgeous faces, and celebratory events like rehearsal dinners and conferences. However, I’ve been intimidated by photos captured indoors with low light. That’s when I started saying yes.

If the word “yes” were to network with others, it would buddy up with the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” and grab coffee with confidence. Yes can be built from a place unknown and become cool, calm, and collected as it grows.

  • The greatest leaders said yes to a strange crowd.

  • The best relationships said yes to a first date.

  • The coolest designs said yes to a blank page.

I recently said yes to capturing events in low light. After a few weeks of jumping around to different places, my confidence hit me. I wish I could capture the feeling in words. Not only had I spent hours capturing hundreds of photos from various locations, I had been to that same building once before. I walked through the doors and knew what I was doing. I felt it in my entire being. Super

cool, right?!

As you learn your craft, you start to break the rules. Your yes becomes even bigger and more courageous. It breaks the iron cell that fear tries to keep it in and it draws others closer to an irresistible confidence.

Below are some of my favorite low light photos. As you scroll through, I hope something inspires you to say yes to something that may scare you. You can do it! Beat the fear, learn from your failures, and thrive in your craft.

I am cheering you on from my corner of the internet!

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